you want me down on earth, but i am up in space

"It doesn't matter if you win by an inch or a mile; winning's winning."
-Dom (Fast and Furious)

Dress - Romwe
Clutch - Topshop
Boots - especially made for me by order

It's a great Saturday for me. I watched Fast and Furious 6 today and it's an amazing  film! Just like the previous film of Fast and Furious. And I really can't wait to watch the next film in 2014. Oh and the great news is, Jason Statham is one of the cast in the next film!

So back to my outfit...
You know what my first thought when I saw this dress on Romwe last year? I have to get one for me. Yes, I fell in love with this dress from the first time I saw it. And fortunately, I got it. I got this dress from Romwe like a year ago but haven't posted it on my blog. And I'm really happy I can post it today :)


magic in the air

"I think it's important to start breaking down the idea that to achieve your dream you have to always be perfect or flawless or live in kind of fantasy world."
-Katy Perry

Tanks-local store
Cardigan-local store

Happy ascension day of Jesus Christ! Finally, it's a day off. No school today and I'm spending my time curling up in bed watching movies with some snacks and hot chocolate. Oh, and it's raining outside. What a perfect day :)
 Talk about these outfit photos, I love these photos which is taken like two weeks ago especially the first photo. I like it because the perfect angle of the photo which got a beautiful light. As you can see, the perfect angle made the sunshine glow through the trees and give a good effect to the photo.

who says you're not beautiful?

Women are their own worst beauty critics. In fact, only 4% women around the world consider themselves beautiful (source: Dove). 
So I just watched The Real Beauty Sketches video from Dove and it really inspirational and help me to build my self-confidence. Well, I actually never really talk about this thing with anybody except in my own thoughts. But then I saw this video and think I wanted to share the video with you guys.
I cried after I watched this video. I feel like I never appreciate myself. Most of the time, what I'm doing is criticize myself and over-analyzing every part of me that I feel needs changing. Now I realize, I should be   more grateful with my natural beauty. I learned that our self perceptions about our looks sometimes is kind of too harsh and it's totally different from how the world sees us. From now on, I've to learn to treat myself better than before :)

You are more beautiful than you think

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