Founded in December 2011 by Livia Anggraeni, The Beauty of Fashion is still developing to be a better fashion blog. Our goal is to improve the quality of the blog content, to be an influence and also an inspiration. Based in Jakarta, a modern-metropolitan capital city of Indonesia, where people has mostly aware and appreciated fashion, The Beauty of Fashion hopefully could be a "bigger" blog.

Livia is studying business in university yet she also has a really big passion in fashion. Inspired by amazing fashion bloggers, from Kristina Bazan, Chiara Ferragni, Jessica Stein, and Jane Aldrige to Andi Torres, Doina Ciobanu, and The Song Sisters, she decided to share her passion in this blog. She runs this blog with a little help from her sister who patiently take photos of her. So far, she has done some work and collaborations with famous online clothing brands : Romwe, Persunmall, SheInside, and BornPrettyStore.

The Beauty of Fashion mostly content personal style, fashion trend, helpful tips, and other topics which we think would be insteresting to be shared with friends and readers.


  1. Hello Livia. I would be really happy if you check my blog,
    Thank you so much
    xoxo Nika


    1. Hello, Nika. Sorry for my super late reply. I will! see you on your blog ;)


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