Finally, a new blog update. After few days suffering because of internet connection problem, so this is it. A new outfit post wearing all black from head to toe..

When you have no idea what you’re going to wear, neutral color like black and white is a marvelous choice. You’ll never go wrong with it. Trust me.

As what I have said before, my outfit is all black from head to toe this time. Except, my necklace of course. I wear not-a-black necklace so it would stand out perfectly. And I completed the look with those pair of black bowknot adorned black pointy toe heels which I got from is a recommended online store for shopping. I always have that one item which I had a total crush on it. And not to forget to mention, their service is so good and really concern with customer satisfication.

So thank you to the outerinner team for sending me this to-die-for pair of heels. I’m so in love! I mean look at those big ribbon. Who doesn’t stop and stare?  It looks classy, elegant, and sophisticated yet also the big ribbon at the back side gives it a touch of sweet and girly look. Plus, I’m sure this pair is no doubt one of those heels which is categorized as the eyecatchy one. Evidence? I swear I caught some people staring at this gorgeous pair when I wore it last Friday to eat dinner with family. Ha!

Eventhough I have to admit this kind of heels makes your leg tired a little bit faster if being compared to those pumps or platform heels, but for a formal brunch, cocktail party, or any other occasion which is  quite “formal” this pair is absolutely a perfect companion.

Black Blouse – local store
Necklace – local store
Black Organza Skirt – my sister’s
Black Bowknot Heels –


  1. Lovely outfit and those shoes are stunning.

  2. those heels are lovely :)


  3. I so love the skirt!!! <3

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