"It came without ribbons. It came without tags. It came without packages, boxes, or bags. And he puzzled and puzzled 'till he puzzler was sore. Then the grinch thought of something he hadn't before.What if christmas, he thought, doesn't come from a store. What if christmas, perhaps, means a little bit more." -Dr.Seuss

I'm one of those people who get over-excited for christmas. Even though in my country the there is no snow and the celebration is not as big as in the other countries, which always have lots of lights and christmas ornaments along the street, but that doesn't change my excitement for christmas.
Anyways, these are some photos that I took last christmas:

These are some of my mickey mouse rice cracker that my aunt bought me from Tokyo Disneyland. The package is sooo cute 'till I didn't even feel like opening it. (plus I don't really like rice cracker.. so you could say that I love the packaging more than the rice cracker itself)

Yes, I can't survive without coffee. Especially when I'm having a "24-hours-isn't-enough" day and I need to keep my eyes awake. I love to try new coffee so I bought this instant caramel macchiato and for an instant coffee level it tastes so goodddd!

My chihuahua isn't like those pets in instagram that would look straight to the camera and act cute. It's so hard to make her stay still for a photo. You can see in these photos that she doesn't really care about the camera and decided to sleep -__-

Have a lovely week!



HAPPY NEW YEAR 2014!- It's 2014, huh? Where did the time go? I swear it feels like I just celebrated new year 2013 yesterday and now it's 2014! CRAZY!

I am so excited when it comes to new year's eve celebration. I guess my excitement sometimes can be very annoying for the people around me, but I just can't help it I am soooo excited for the new year's eve. I am excited to eat the food. I am excited to drink the beer. I am excited to make my new year resolution. And I'm super super super excited to see the fireworks! When the clock strikes 00:00 and the fireworks start to shoot across the sky, it is my favorite time of the new year's eve and I'm the happiest girl on this earth.

Have I told to guys that I love chasing fireworks? No no no, don't think that I really chase it or do anything to get it. Even if I try to chase (until the sun rises in the west), I won't get it.
What I mean by chasing fireworks is capturing as many fireworks as I can that I see when the clock strikes 00:00 on the new year's eve. I do it almost every year. Well, actually I do it every year. Maybe I could say that's some sort of my annual tradition on new year's eve?

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