“Life is about ups and downs, success and failure, love and hate. Life is about being diverse. If nothing changes in your life, you’re not living. Don’t search for perfection, seek happiness. Make your life colorful” -unknown

First of all, I’m sorry for lack of posts on my blog. I’ve been so busy with my new store. Hmm maybe I haven’t told you about that.. Yes, I open a new online fashion store. Since I’m still taking care of everything on my own, I have been extremely busy working to make everything perfect. Fortunately, I have the best mom in the universe who’s always there when I need her help and advise. She my best partner in crime for sure. And thank God so far everything is runnin’ good. Actually, I already had this idea of working to make my own money after I finished high school for quite long time. It had been one of my goal in life. I wanted to try something new and be a more independent person.

Second, I’m sorry because this post have to be postponed for a very long time. The photos were actually taken in May (If I’m not wrong because I don’t really remember actually). I wore a very simple outfit that day since the weather was quite warm and friendly. I chose to throw on my tiger shirt and my comfy wrap skort. To make the look a little bit more colorful and not too basic, I wore my red pumps.

Have a wonderful day, 

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