HAPPY NEW YEAR 2014!- It's 2014, huh? Where did the time go? I swear it feels like I just celebrated new year 2013 yesterday and now it's 2014! CRAZY!

I am so excited when it comes to new year's eve celebration. I guess my excitement sometimes can be very annoying for the people around me, but I just can't help it I am soooo excited for the new year's eve. I am excited to eat the food. I am excited to drink the beer. I am excited to make my new year resolution. And I'm super super super excited to see the fireworks! When the clock strikes 00:00 and the fireworks start to shoot across the sky, it is my favorite time of the new year's eve and I'm the happiest girl on this earth.

Have I told to guys that I love chasing fireworks? No no no, don't think that I really chase it or do anything to get it. Even if I try to chase (until the sun rises in the west), I won't get it.
What I mean by chasing fireworks is capturing as many fireworks as I can that I see when the clock strikes 00:00 on the new year's eve. I do it almost every year. Well, actually I do it every year. Maybe I could say that's some sort of my annual tradition on new year's eve?

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  1. Happy New Year may it bring happiness and success. Lets continue the journey.


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