first experience

"Time does not, and shall never, equal experience."
-Alistair Harding

So yeah, this is my first experience. I never really watch a fashion show directly before. I use to watch it on TV or live streaming. Last week, I got the chance to watch Zara S/S 2013 collection. (Yeah I was so happy when I knew I was on the guest list :D) Well, actually I got the chance to watch all the fashion shows that was scheduled on that day. But unfortunately I couldn't watch all of the shows because I was late. Anyway, I really enjoyed the show :)


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  4. Lucky you, would of loved to seen this show!
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  5. Hi dear! First fashion show visit is always so exciting isnt it? :)
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    X, Lynn

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  8. i love your header <3

    xxx Zari

  9. Wow! What a fun and exciting experience! I've never been!

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  13. Wow you're so lucky, really artistic photos!
    Fashion Ganache.

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  15. that's so awesome you got invited to a fashion show! I would love to go to one some day!


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